Therapeutic massage


The practice of using massage as a healing method dates back to ancient times. It consists of special movements and techniques. The origin of the word “massage” is unknown, it might be derived from the Greek ‘massein’ (handle, touch, to work with the hands), the French ‘massage’, the Hebrew ‘mases’, or the Arabic ‘mass’ words. Massage developed continuously throughout history; it was also influenced by medical discoveries.
In Hungary, the first masseurs without any special qualifications appeared in the court of Mathias Corvinus (1443-1490). During the Ottoman occupation the culture of bathing became popular and along with it the practice of massage as well.
In the 19th century, in Europe a new era begun in terms of massage, the so-called Swedish era. Henrik Ling (1776-1839), who was appointed as a master of fencing, is credited as the father of Swedish massage; he also outlined a system of gymnastics, exercises, and maneuvers, which established the basis for the Swedish massage known today.
In the first decades of the 20th century besides classic massage, other types developed as well. Today the theory and practice of massage are continuously developing, although the basis of massage is retained.

There are two different types of massage therapies:

In our institution you can find not only the medicinal massage therapy based on Swedish massage or specific massage therapies for the treatment of various diseases, but also other types of massage therapies.

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