Sauna and wellness resort in the Festetics bath house

The sauna and wellness resort in the Festetics bath house can provide a memorable experience with the sauna therapy sessions and harmonic vibe.

Our services:

Finnish sauna: the most common type of sauna in Europe is the Finnish sauna. Its basic feature is the high air temperature (80 °C) and low air humidity level (10 %). The hot air of the Finnish sauna makes the bathers perspire, which can help cleanse the body of toxins. Its effectiveness is based on the cooling down (e.g. a cold shower or cold plunge into a cool pool), which is a part of the sauna cycle. Thus, the immune system and the strength of connective tissue can be improved and the blood circulation can be enhanced. Finnish saunas cannot only strengthen our body’s immune system, but they can also provide a special ritual experience several times a day.

Infrared sauna: Nowadays infrared saunas are becoming more and more popular. The air temperature in the wooden cabinet is between 40–60 °C, therefore, it is suitable for those too, who do not like high air temperature. Infrared rays help promote cell regeneration, thus making the skin more revitalized. It can also serve as an effective cellulite treatment, since the infrared sauna’s rays can reach the triggering agents of cellulite, thus they can help in providing the occurrence of cellulite. The detoxification of the body is more effective, since blood circulation during infrared sauna use is enhanced. Additional physiological effects of the infrared sauna: it decreases joint pain, relieves stress and alleviates pain. Its regular and therapeutic use helps the body strengthen its immune system and restore its physical fitness. In addition, it enhances mental and physical activity as well.

Steam bath: The steam bath’s location is in a room, where the air temperature is between 35–40 °C and where the guests can relax in moderate level of air humidity. Using it appropriately can yield relaxing and stress releasing effects, and during the winter it can help prevent respiratory diseases, sore throat, coughing and common cold, and it can help decrease rheumatic pain.

Besides our sauna department’s relaxing features, we can offer our guests the immersion pools, hot tubs and adventure pools for relaxation and recreation.

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