Treatments requiring medical examination

Medical wellness services
Health condition check
(includes 1 follow-up visit)
Our institution's rheumatologist develops a treatment plan based on your test results.
15 000 HUF
Follow-up visit 7 500 HUF
Regenerative mud therapy
Mud is applied on the body regions recommended by the phycician using mud at the specified temperature.
• More than 6 joints 20 min. 12 200 HUF
• Maximum 6 joints 20 min. 7 500 HUF
From April to October patients may receive traction therapy in the lake. The first session is performed without using any weight, then the traction load is increased gradually up to the recommended value.
20 min. 7 500 HUF
Physiotherapy treatment
Individual physiotherapy session conducted by a physiotherapist. Clothing: comfortable outfit
25 min. 9 400 HUF
Inversion table with therapist consultation
Special spine-stretching medical device, which makes it possible to treat and improve several degenerative spine diseases.
20 min. 7 200 HUF
Electrotherapy 5 500 HUF
Ultrasound 6 600 HUF
Humino (max. 4 joints) 6 900 HUF
Medical wellness packages
Packages do not include the fee for medical examination, it must be paid separately.
Regenerative mud pack pass
(applied to more than 6 joints)
5 x 20 Min. 55 200 HUF
Underwater-stretching pass 5 x 20 Min. 33 600 HUF
10 x 20 Min. 68 400 HUF

Wellness treatments NOT requiring medical examination

Relaxing massages
Hévíz mud massage
During the massage the various agents of the Hévíz Medicinal Mud make the skin soft and smooth; they detoxify and relax the body.
20 min. 11 300 HUF
Individual massage
Everybody is different with varous body aches and pains. Therefore, the massage therapies should be personalized for your own needs. Our massage therapists provide a variety of techniques to help improve relaxation and relieve stress. They apply appropriate massage force on your muschles and skin in order to achieve the best results for your body. You may choose from medical cream or oil for the massage.
Segmental massage: on the back and arms or on the legs and hips 20 min. 6 300 HUF
30 min. 7 500 HUF
Full body massage: on the back, arms, legs and hips
40 min. 10 400 HUF
50 min. 13 000 HUF
Manager massage (deep tissue massage)
Stress and working in front of a computer puts enormous strain on the muscles of your neck, shoulders and back. The aim of deep tissue massage is to relax your stressed and tense muscles. The slow and deep massage techniques help your body to get rid of agents causing inflammation.
20 min. 9 000 HUF
Condition-specific massage therapy
Special massage therapies available upon physician's recommendatin or patient's own responsibility, in case of the following conditions: arthritic hip joint, total hip arthroplasty, Bechterew's disease.
40 min. 11 100 HUF
Special offers
Individal massage pass 5 x 20 min. 28 800 HUF
5 x 40 min. 46 800 HUF
Wellness mud pack pass - with patient consent form (max. 4 joints) 5 x 20 min. 32 400 HUF
Hévíz body treatments
Wellness mud therapy - with patient consent form
(max. 4 joints)
20 min. 7 200 HUF
Therapy for the back using mud and herbal body wrap
The therapist uses medicinal mud cream for the massage of the back, after which it is covered with a hot towel soaked in herbal concoction. After 20 minutes the mud is washed off of the back and medicinal cream is applied.
40 min. 9 100 HUF
Wellness mud wrapping
During the procedure the whole body (except the soles, genitals, neck and head) is smeared with a thin layer of Hévíz Medicinal Mud, after which the body is wrapped in a plastic foil pack and blankets. As a result, the metabolism of the skin improves and detoxification begins through the skin.
20 min. 11 400 HUF
Alternative services
This therapy uses sound as a therapy that affects the whole blood vessel system of the body. The treatment is performed via low frequency sound waves, which provide a vibrating effect.
1st session of soundtherapy 20 min. 10 600 HUF
5+1 sessions of soundtherapy 6 x 20 min. 53 400 HUF
10+2 sessions of soundtherapy 12 x 20 min. 106 800 HUF

Adrienne Feller Cosmetics

Aromazen facial massage
Facial massage with Aromazen phyto essence and cream for the soothing and relaxing facial treatment.
30 min. 11 600 HUF
Rose de Luxe mandala facial massage
Due to the special massage technique, during which rose quartz and rock crystal wands are also applied, guests may experience deep relaxation. Thus, skin regenerating hormones (oxytocin, endorphin) can be released that make the skin rejuvenated, and becomes healthy. The lifting effect is provided by the aroma of the Damascus rose oil.
40 min. 14 800 HUF
Up & Up Gesichts-Lifting Massage
Lifting-Effekt durch Massage im Gesicht-, Hals- und Dekolleté Bereich nach der Methode von Adrienne Feller. Diese Therapie strafft die Haut und verbessert deren Durchblutung.
40 min. 13 000 HUF
Vitalenne facial treatment
For the treatment of mature skin. It contains an intense regenerating and relaxing massage that revitalizes the skin’s every single cell.The rockrose and white myrtle essential oil stimulates collagen production.
70 min. 22 300 HUF
Rose de Luxe Mandala luxurious ritual
The perfect flow experience with two ravishing massages and the magical power of Damask rose. It is a unique pampering, which involves gemstones in the name of sumptuousness. During the treatment we will get anti-wrinkle, cell regenerative, nourishing agents into your skin, and tranquility into your soul.
100 min. 27 600 HUF
Stimulenne luxurious ritual
A special relaxation treatment performed with plant extracts. As a result, your soul fills up with joy, and your skin is brought to life by the active ingredients.
100 min.  27 600 HUF
Cleanenne facial treatment
Treatment for skin cleansing. The wild lavender, sage and wild rose essential oil helps to clean and hydrate the skin. It provides a special detoxifying cleansing treatment for the problematic skin and for all skin types during the rejuvenation’s time in spring.
100 min. 27 600 HUF
Sakura Luxurious ritual
Outstanding and unique face-lifting program. We combine the beautifying power of cherry blossom with rose, macha extract, hyaluronic acid, chlorella and sprulina algae, while thanks to the special massage technique, the stiffened neck, abdominal scalp and the burden and tension deposited in facial muscles and wrinkles dissolve. The flow experience is guaranteed in this luxorious ritual.
120 min. 30 000 HUF
Pour Homme for men facial treatment
Care is also important for a man’s skin. Natural active ingredients give a new boost to the tired skin and soul. They moisturize, tone and nourish the skin, the deep cleansing ingredients help cell renewal and regeneration. The treatment also offers a pleasant relaxation experience.
60 min. 19 400 HUF
Additional Cosmetic Treatments
Eyelash dyeing (Orenna) 30 min. 3 000 HUF
Eyebrow dyeing (Orenna) 20 min. 3 000 HUF
Eyebrow shaping using tweezers 15 min. 2 400 HUF
Eyelash dyeing + Eyebrow dyeing + Eyebrow shaping using tweezers (3 in 1) (Orenna) 50 min. 7 800 HUF
 • Moustache 10 Min. 1 800 HUF
 • Cheeks 20 Min. 2 400 HUF
 • Armpits 20 Min. 2 600 HUF
 • Arms 20 Min. 3 400 HUF
 • Legs (to the knee) 20 Min. 3 800 HUF
 • Bikini wax 30 Min. 4 200 HUF
 • Full leg waxing 50 Min. 7 000 HUF
Hand and Foot Care
It includes classic pedicure, antibacterial foot soak, nail trimming and shaping, corn removal, creaming.
50 min. 6 300 HUF
Spa pedicure
Pedicure + peeling + creaming with elastin-based emulsion + 20 minutes paraffin wax treatment
70 min. 9 200 HUF
Classic hand manicure with soaking, nail trimming and shaping, removing extra, dead skin around the nails (cutting back or pushing back the cuticle).
40 Min. 5 100 HUF
Japanese manicure
Manicure + polishing the surface of the
nails with beeswax, which gives your nails a shiny look.
60 min. 6 600 HUF
Extension to Japanese manicure
(available together with the regular manicure service)
20 min. 1 600 HUF
Gel polish remover 20 min. 1 200 HUF
Paraffin wrapping for the hands or the foot 20 min. 2 900 HUF

Package offers

Prevention package number 10
• 15-hour lake bath ticket (2 entries daily, valid within 11 calendar days from purchase)
• 1-time health condition check
• 10 treatments (max. 3 types of therapies)
We do not provide time extension for the treatments of the package.
104 100 HUF
 2 000 HUF deoposit
Prevention package number 20
•25-hour lake bath ticket (2 entries daily, valid within 21 calendar days from purchase)
• 1-time health condition check
• 20treatments (max. 6 types of therapies)
We do not provide time extension for the treatments of the package.
187 000 HUF
 2 000 HUF deposit
Hévíz traditional package
• 1-time health condition check
• 10 treatments (Underwater-stretching is only available with a valid entrance ticket to the lake)
We do not provide time extension for the treatments of the package.
84 600 HUF


In the Prevention and Hévíz traditional packages the Regenerative mud pack treatment (applied to more than 6 joints) is not included. Packages are available only following a previous health condition check. The packages are to be paid at the therapy reception of the Festetics Bathhouse. Ask our colleagues for more information. Health conditon checks and treatment plannings are scheduled by the therapy reception of the Festetich Bathhouse.

We reserve the right to change both prices and opening hours.

Valid from: 1st April, 2024 till withdrawal

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