Underwater jet massage


Underwater treatments are often called hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy, which dates back to ancient Greece, was developed in the early 1800s by Priessnitz and Kneipp.
Hydrotherapy has important physiological effects. The cold-water temperature makes the skin’s pores shrink and it improves muscles’ circulation and tone, increases vasoconstriction in the arteries and veins along with blood pressure, it enhances the function of the adrenal glands, the metabolism in the cold body parts decrease, while in the core it increases. Heart rate decreases. The effect of warm water temperature: the skins circulation becomes enhanced, the blood flow in the core of the body decreases, heart rate becomes faster and the body starts sweating. Underwater jet massage is often used in Hungary in thermal baths and spas.
This type of therapy, the underwater jet massage is based on balneotherapy, hydrotherapy, and on the mechanical effects of a water jet. Its specialty is that the water used for jet massage is always thermal water, thus besides its general beneficial effects, we can enjoy the thermal water’s favorable effects as well.
The jet creates a vibrating effect on the body’s soft tissues, it improves the lymphatic system, thus enhancing metabolism and encouraging detoxifying processes. Due to its effects on the lymphatic system, underwater jet massage strengthens the immune system as well. It relieves stress, revitalizes and relaxes muscles; the small vibrations caused by the water jet penetrate to the connective tissue, which help skin recovery and improve its elasticity. Underwater jet massage can also alleviate pain. In addition, we can enjoy the thermal water’s beneficial effects.
This type of therapy is always individual, since the diseases of the body are always unique. Underwater jet massage can be full body treatment or it can be applied on a special body part. In the special tub, we can control the force and the direction of the applied water jet. The duration of the therapy is generally 20–30 minutes.


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