Spineliner = Pain free movements


Spineliner is a special computer-controlled device, which has been developed primarily for the treatment of the spine. Its analyzing feature enables the examination of the spine from one vertebra to another.
The examination and the treatment are performed throughout a special ‘operating head’. The operating head’s probe measures the tension of the muscles, senses the reflecting waves from the tissue then analyzes the measured area’s flexibility and conveys gentle mechanical impulses to the pain zones. Decreased flexibility of muscles suggests disorders that can be originated from the facet joint blockages and the surrounding muscles’ tension.
Due to the treatment of vertebral segments that are not aligned properly, gentle mechanic impulses can result in their regeneration. Thus, pain can be decreased quickly, moreover, the spine’s range of motion can be increased, and tight muscles can be relaxed.
After the treatment, the spine can be examined again, thus the patient’s previous physical status can be compared with their post treatment status. The device presents the results and information graphically, thus the improvement of patients can be controlled easily.
The device is used not only for the treatment of the spine. Its indication for use can vary.
Most important areas of indication: neck and back pain, degenerative disc disease, muscle spasms, headache, whiplash injury, joint mobilization, trigger points of the shoulder, knee and other joints, tennis and golf’s elbow, bone spurs, Achilles tendon pain.
Its advantages are quick pain-releasing effect, the treatment is completely pain free, and it has no side effects.
In case of acute pain 1 or 2 treatment sessions are recommended weekly, but after the first treatment, patients can experience a 50–80% reduction in pain and that the treated area’s mobility increases.
The Spineliner treatment’s popularity is increasing among athletes as well, including golfers, American footballers (Pittsburgh Steelers), since 2005 the US Olympic team, since 2008 it has been used by Formula-1 drivers as well due to the therapy’s effect not only the balance of the musculoskeletal system is improved but also the body’s mental and physical performance.
The use of Spineliner is contraindicated in the following: severe inflammations in the body, bone fractures, bone metastasis, severe osteoporosis and extreme pain on the area of treatment.

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