Shock wave therapy


Shock wave therapy is a modern and effective treatment option during which a special device creates low energy acoustic wave pulsations that can be delivered to the painful area of the body. These waves produce their analgesic effects deep in the tissues concentrating on the painful area. The waves are absorbed in the tissues and they start an anti-inflammatory effect, thus patients can experience significant decline in pain intensity. Shock waves start the body’s self-healing mechanisms; they enhance metabolic processes and increase blood circulation.

The treatment dissolves the real cause of the pain, thus the slow regeneration of damaged tissues can begin until their complete healing.

Indications: tennis elbow, chronic shoulder pain, shoulder osteoarthritis, sole and heel pain caused by heel spur, Achilles tendon pain, chronic neck and back pain, trigger point therapy, tendinitis, sport injuries, muscle injuries, cellulite
Contraindications: use of anti-thrombotic and anti-inflammatory agents, tumors, bone fracture(s), active inflammatory skin disease, pregnancy, wounds in the area of the pain, fever, contagious diseases, minor age.



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