During facilitation of movements, the main aim is the stimulation of brain functions, improving attention and concentration. The physiotherapy applied in Hévíz focuses on exercise therapy of the spine, healing, recovery and prevention of musculoskeletal diseases. These methods are especially important in the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases.
During the individual or group exercise trainings, professional physiotherapists teach patients how to perform the correct movements, which the patients can perform at home as well. The aim of physiotherapy is to improve degenerative spinal and joint diseases, to develop muscle function and correct the body’s posture.
The main aim of the spine condition program is to improve the spine’s range of motion, and the mobilization of the cervical and lumbar regions. Great results can be achieved throughout stretching the muscle contractures, strengthening the lower back, abdominal and hip muscles, and by improving coordination. This type of exercise training is performed in unloaded positions under the supervision of physiotherapists. The exercises are easy to learn and they can later be done at home as well.
Underwater workout combines the beneficial effects of physical exercises performed in water and the water’s beneficial effects on the body due to physics. Exercises performed in the water are less exhausting; therefore, those can also participate in underwater workout sessions, who find other types of exercises too strenuous.

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