Jump into the European Sport Week at Lake Hévíz

Dátum: 2021-09-23 09:00-16:00 Helyszin: Lake Hévíz

Jump into the European Sport Week at Lake Hévíz!

23rd  –  30th September, 2021.

Participate in our programmes and win one of our valuable prizes!

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Prizes of the European Sport Week:

Lot drawing: on 1st October 2021, live on our Facebook page





Day starter yoga programme at Lake Hévíz for beginners and advance participants as well.  Bringing your own yoga/trainer mattress and comfortable clothing is a must.

Body Composition Analysis

We measure the baseline health status of the patient by measuring their body composition. The measured values show the separate weight of all the parts that make up the human body, thus comprising the total body weight of the person being measured. Free of charge, available with an appointment booked in advance. Booking: Festetics Day Spa 2nd floor, Tel.: 06/83/501-700 (530 ext.)  on weekdays between 11.00-15.00.

Nordic Walking

During Nordic Walking in the walk ways of the protective forest around the lake our body and soul will recharge. It is free of charge; however, sticks are limited thus bringing your own is recommended. The meeting point is at the main entrance of the lake.

Kneipp exercise

By walking on different types of materials you will receive a natural, diverse foot-massage, which will stimulate various parts of your sole. Such a barefoot trip strengthens the vain walls, refreshes and has a beneficial effect on your metabolism as well. It is free of charge and available with valid entrance tickets and passes. Location: Kneipp trail next to the main entrance of the lake.

Water gymnastics

Water gymnastics for all age groups accompanied by music. It is free of charge and available with valid entrance tickets and passes. Location: in case of sunny weather on the summer building area, in case of rainy weather in building “A”.

The programmes are free of charge. You have to book an appointment in advance for the Body Composition analysis. The water gymnastics, Kneipp exercise, and yoga are available with a valid Lake-bath entrance ticket (daily or pass). We reserve the right to change programmes in case of bad weather. By participating in the event, you will agree to photos/videos of you to be taken, which later could be used for marketing purposes. You may participate in the programmes on your own responsibility.

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