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The Medicinal Bath and St. Andrew’s Hospital for Rheumatology is one of the major health care service providers in Hungary, which provides a wide range of services belonging to medical tourism. The institution is well-known not only in Hungary but abroad as well due to its research, diagnostic and therapy departments and medical professionalism and also its wide range of quality accommodation services and its important role in medical tourism.
The institution is situated on a 59-hectare nature reserve of which one third is covered with protection forest, another third part consists of woodland and one third is a public park. The institution promotes health and harmony, which means that the main aim is to provide complex health care service and a relaxing environment for the guests. The Medicinal Bath and St. Andrew’s Hospital for Rheumatology consists of three units, which include following: Lake Hévíz, St. Andrew’s Hospital for Rheumatology, and Hotel Spa Hévíz****/***. These units provide health care services, recreation and rehabilitation.

1. Medicinal Lake Hévíz

The lake in Hévíz is the world’s largest biologically active lake with its natural hot thermal water, which is located only 6 km away from Lake Balaton, 190 km from Budapest, and 195 km from Vienna. The spring of Lake Hévíz (the lake’s water surface is 4.4 hectares), which is rich in minerals, is in a cave, which is located at a depth of 38 m, where more than 10,000-year-old karst waters merge. The lake’s average discharge flow rate is 410 l/sec, its turnover is 3 and a half days, and the water’s temperature does not decrease below 22-23 °C even in winter, however, in summer it reaches 37-38 °C.

The composition of the medicinal (thermal) water, its indications and contraindications

The medicinal water is rich in dissolved substances and in gaseous substances, thus the combination of carbonic acid, Sulphur, calcium, magnesium, hydrogen carbonate creates a beneficial compound. It is important to mention the several meters thick peat layer at the bottom of the lake that results in the formation of medicinal mud, which concentrates the chemical properties of thermal water and enhances its effect. The quite unique medicinal mud in Hévíz contains organic and inorganic compounds with low amount of Sulphur, which gives the medicinal mud great value.


The therapy’s indications are the following: wide range of musculoskeletal disorders, especially in degenerative spinal or joint diseases, chronic inflammatory joint diseases, Bechterew’s disease, osteoporosis, injuries, postoperative rehabilitation, soft tissue rheumatic syndromes, secondary joint diseases, rehabilitation following joint replacement surgeries, and herniated disc surgeries, and certain chronic inflammatory gynecological diseases. Without consultation of a physician, bathing is recommended for a period of 30 minutes. The medicinal water can also be consumed for patients with chronic gastrointestinal diseases.


Bathing is not recommended in the following conditions: infectious or contagious diseases, malignant tumors, heart failure, circulatory system diseases, thrombosis and other hematologic disease, asthma, untreated hypertension, conditions including fever, and in case of pregnancy.

Festetics Bath House

The Festetics Bath House’s therapy center and wellness and sauna world offers various options for relaxation and other health and beauty treatments as well. Besides the traditional therapies in Hévíz, we offer disease specific treatments, aromatherapy massage, Thai massage, beauty and cosmetic treatments, manicure and pedicure treatments. In addition, we can strengthen the immune system with the use of the Finnish sauna, steam baths, tepidariums, ice rooms, salt rooms, immersion pools, hot tubs and adventure pools. Finnish saunas cannot only strengthen the immune system, but also provide a special ritual experience several times a day.


2. St. Andrew’s Hospital for Rheumatology

Since the establishment of the institute (1952) it has been offering rehabilitation services as a sanatorium and as a state hospital specialized in musculoskeletal, and in particular rheumatological diseases. The institute also has a rheumatology outpatient clinic. The hospital’s main function is to provide treatment and rehabilitation for patients with musculoskeletal disorders, bone fractures and luxation, moreover the training of medicinal massage therapists also began at that time. The hospital’s well-known physician at that time was dr. Károly Moll, who gained reputation in Hungary as the inventor of the underwater weight traction device in 1953.

The hospital’s profile:

Inpatient care - primarily patients can be admitted to the hospital depending on regional factors i.e. from the region of Zala County.

Outpatient care (primarily patients from the region of Zala county):

The indoor bath and therapy center

The country’s state-of-the-art medicinal bath was built between 1964 and 1968 in Hévíz to serve as a place for bathing and several therapeutic methods in winter as well. The technology applied for the construction works during the establishment of the bath made it possible to provide complex balneotherapy services in Hévíz. In 2016 the indoor bath’s modern main building was accepted, which has a digitalized patient desk system and a renovated atrium.

Services provided in the indoor bath:

Fields of study

The hospital conducts research in complex balneotherapy, rheumatology, prevention, and rehabilitation in order to develop the hospital’s proficiency and to facilitate the improvement of general medicine. We performed investigations on the biochemical changes in bone and cartilage metabolism as well as the effect of complex physiotherapy. Our results confirmed the biological, and physiological changes in the body after balneotherapy treatment in Hévíz, and these pieces of evidence help us learn more about how balneotherapy influences the pathomechanism of rheumatological diseases. Another research area is the lake in Hévíz and the continuous examination of its ecological and hydrogeologic status. In this case the aim is to preserve and restore the natural resources, while as for the medical research team, their objective is to prove the efficiency and mechanism of action of therapeutic work.

Scientific work, publications

It has been known for a long time that the lake’s water in Hévíz is a remedy for several conditions and due to various therapies in the Spa many patients are thankful that their condition improved after the treatments in Hévíz. Recent studies of Hévíz Thermal Bath and St. Andrew's Hospital for Rheumatology and Rehabilitation show scientific evidence on the beneficial effects of balneotherapy treatment. Much research has been conducted in our institution and all of them showed favourable results. The following pieces of research have been presented on international conferences and scientific journals as well.

Evaluation of the effect of lake Hévíz thermal mineral water in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee
Published in: Eur J Phys Rehabil Med-3352

Authors: Agota KULISCH, Agota BENKO, Annamaria BERGMANN, Noemi GYARMATI, Jozsef HORVATH, Agota KRANICZ, Zsuzsanna MANDO, Ágnes MATÁN, András NÉMETH, Erika SZAKÁL, Dóra SZÁNTÓ, László SZEKERES, Tamas BENDER

Evaluation of the effect of Hévíz mud in patients with hand osteoarthritis
Published in: The Israel Medicine Association Journal March 2017.

Authors: Noémi Gyarmati MD, Ágota Kulisch MD PhD, András Németh MD, Annamária Bergmann MD, József Horváth MD, Zsuzsanna Mándó MD, Ágnes Matán MD, Erika Szakál MD, Tímea Sasné Péter, Dóra Szántó and Tamás Bender MD PhD DSc

Efficacy of complex physical therapy in patients with autoimmune disease
Published in: Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology August 2017.

Authors: J. Horváth, Z. Bálint, E. Szép, A. Deiszinger, T. Minier, N. Farkas, E. Török,
É. Horváthné Papp, D. Komjáti, Z. Mándó, L. Czirják, C. Varjú


In 2017 the institution organized the 1st International Medical Mud Scientific Conference (Medical Mud in the 21st century), with the aim of building international relations, to share our knowledge and expertise not only with the Hungarian but also with foreign health care providers as well. Since the conference was a great success it also has been organized in 2018 with training courses and workshops included.

Medical education

The hospital is a training scene of physicians specializing in rheumatology, and it also functions as a teaching hospital for physiotherapists from the University of Pécs, Faculty of Health Science in Zalaegerszeg, and for massage therapist and physiotherapy assistant students from one of the vocational schools in Zalaegerszeg and from Sándor Asbóth Secondary School and Vocational School in Keszthely.

Acknowledgments and prizes

In the beginning of 2015 the Lake and the traditional therapeutics in Hévíz were listed as outstanding national values and at the end of June they earned a place in the collection of traditional Hungarian values as Hungarikums. Hungarikum is a term indicating a value worthy of distinction, and which represents the high performance of Hungarian people thanks to its typically Hungarian attribute, uniqueness, specialty and quality. The therapeutics in Hévíz is acknowledged globally; its essential elements are based especially on the water, the thermal bath and mud. The historic city with its bath is unique, and its internationally acknowledged thermal water lake with its mineral content and other natural local remedies besides more than 200 years of medical experience contribute that the bath of Hévíz and the Hotel Spa Hévíz****/*** meet the high-quality safety requirements, therefore has received the EuropeSpa quality certificate. The institution won the Greennovation Grand Prix with its project titled „Environmental protection in Health Care”. The Grand Prix’s subject was sustainable tourism, which in case of Hévíz Spa is only possible for the preservation of the natural environment of the Lake in Hévíz with the use of environmental acts and innovative solutions. For this reason, solar panels have been installed on the building, the run-off water has been utilized, a new monitoring system has been set up in order to observe round the clock the water’s temperature, the bacteria and other pollutants in it. Hévíz Thermal Bath and St. Andrew's Hospital for Rheumatology submitted its tender for the 2017 Ozone Prize by presenting the completed and planned energetic developments. The tender focused on reutilizing the bath’s and the lake’s run-off thermal water and its heat in the surface; with this tender the institution won 3rd place in the category of large enterprises.

3. Hotel Spa Hévíz****/***

The hotel offers a wide range of exceptional services and the modern hotel interior design provides perfect relaxation in a beautiful environment.
Guests can reserve accommodation in Hotel Spa Hévíz****/*** located in the direct neighbourhood of the Lake bath. The hotel has 54 rooms and it welcomes guests with all of its comfort and friendly atmosphere.
The hotel continuously widens the spectrum of services, and the main aim is to fulfil the guest requirements by providing high-quality hotel services.
There has been several reconstructions on the hotel’s building. After the renovation of the kitchen and restaurant in 2017 the hotel’s lobby and hallway have been rebuilt, and in the Classic part of the building in 26 rooms a full restoration of bathrooms was completed. Furthermore, in the complete area of the hotel a new four pipe fan coil system had been installed that also required the changing of heating and cooling system’s cables and tubing; in addition a new air-conditioner has also been fixed in the basement. Due to the continuous investments and developments in the hotel and due to customer satisfaction in 2016 Hotel Spa Hévíz was classified by Hotelstars Union and also checked the service and the hotel’s quality. In April 2017 Hotel Spa Hévíz****/*** at Lake Hévíz earned EuropeSpa MED award as well. The historic city with its bath is unique, as is the medicinal bath and hotel spa, which are internationally acknowledged due to the water’s components and other natural local remedies. Moreover, more than 200 years of medical experience also contributes that the bath of Hévíz and the Hotel Spa Hévíz****/*** meets the high-quality and safety requirements. After evaluating the competing hotels’ provided services, further aim of the hotel is to establish a special therapy department in the building.
The secret of the hotel’s originality lies in the renewal of expanding market areas, thus the hotel can offer various services and provide unlimited entrance to the lake on a daily basis.

Therapy - Health | Value | Preservation

There are various values in our daily lives. However, in our lives the most important value is health. Health is the aim everyone should be able to achieve. The greatest “value” of Hévíz plays an important role in reaching and preserving this goal - the traditional cure provided in Hévíz that was declared a Hungarikum in 2015. The applied therapies here are based on the local natural remedies and the treatments provided by therapists with professional medical expertise of 200 years. Bathing in Lake Hévíz, the local mud therapy, the underwater weight traction therapy, the traditional cure provided in Hévíz, the therapeutic massage, exercise therapies, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, and our innovative services help provide our most important value – our health. The aim of our therapeutic approach is the prevention and the treatment of diseases within a shorter period of time. According to our perspective (which focuses on prevention) the hotel places each guest into the focus of its services. We combine the diagnostic procedures’ results of the conventional and the innovative technologies with the traditional therapies applied in Hévíz. We participate in the rehabilitation and prevention of rheumatic and orthopedic disorders and trauma injuries. Therapies we provide included but not limited: musculoskeletal system’s therapies, physiotherapy, various massage therapies (classic, disease specific, alternative and traditional massage therapies). Lately, our services have expanded with specific therapeutic devices as well.

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