Indications and contraindications

The medicinal (thermal) water is rich in both solutes and gases, and so it combines the healing properties of carbon dioxide, sulfur, magnesium, hydrogen-carbonate and some radon radiation. Along with the anti-inflammatory properties of calcium, the importance of magnesium to the nervous system, and since carbon dioxide is a vasodilator, hydrogen carbonate does wonders for the skin.



The most important active substance of thermal water and mud is sulfur. In all rheumatic diseases the sulfur content of joints decreases, therefore thermal water is a natural treatment. Thermal water is beneficial in terms of the body’s estrogen levels, so it can be useful in the treatment of gynecological illnesses.
The hydrostatic pressure during bathing, and all-around movement in the water is ideal for blood circulation, while the pleasant temperature enables a longer bathing time. It is important to mention the several meters thick peat layer at the bottom of the lake that results in the formation of medicinal mud, which concentrates the chemical properties of thermal water and enhances its effect. The quite unique medicinal mud in Hévíz contains organic and inorganic compounds with low amount of Sulphur and radium salts, which gives the medicinal mud great value. Treatments in spring will result in not only momentary improvement, but they will also prevent the reoccurrence of pain. Therefore, a treatment session in spring will result in pain free months just until Christmas. Because of the water’s beneficial effects, a dip in Lake Hévíz is not only a favorable treatment option, but also useful for the prevention of diseases and for relaxation.


The therapy’s indications are following: wide range of musculoskeletal disorders, especially in degenerative spinal or joint diseases, chronic inflammatory joint diseases, Bechterew’s disease, osteoporosis, injuries, postoperative rehabilitation, soft tissue rheumatic syndromes, secondary joint diseases, rehabilitation following joint replacement surgeries, and herniated disc surgeries, and certain chronic inflammatory gynecological diseases.
Without consultation of a physician, bathing is recommended for a period of 30 minutes. The medicinal water can also be consumed for patients with chronic gastrointestinal diseases.


Bathing is not recommended in the following conditions: malignant tumors, circulatory system diseases, thrombosis and other hematologic disease, asthma, hypertension, pregnancy.



 The composition of the medicinal water

Cations mg/l
Potassium  6,8
Sodium  27
Ammonium  0,32
Calcium  81
Magnesium  36
Iron  0,04
Total cations:  151
Anions mg/l
Chloride 23
Bromide 0,11
Iodine 0,021
Fluoride 1,4
Sulfate 64
Hydrogen carbonate 378
Sulfide 3,2
Total anions: 470
Boric acid 0,5
Orthosilicic acid 43
Carbonic acid 86
Dissolved oxygen 3,6
Total: 754



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